KASAHOROW Decides: How to be an effective language manager at kasahorow

Decision: What can I do to be a good language manager?

Date of Decision: May 2022

Decision Maker: KASAHOROW

Target Group: Language Managers

Reason for Decision:

We want our language managers to be passionate about and committed to growing their language dictionary and developing their community. The first step to being a successful language manager is to make sure enough words exist to generate an initial dictionary, called a T10 children’s dictionary.

OOnce the T10 dictionary exists, language managers can translate words required for reading steps that are used to generate workbooks in that language as well as the Sua Word-of-the-Day emails that go out to our subscribers. This also grows the content available for the dictionaries.

Once the T10 dictionary exists, the next dictionary to be published is the T1000 learner’s dictionary and once the grammar of the language has been properly integrated into KWL, we can publish the T10000 modern dictionary.

Having a good one-on-one working relationship with their Regional Trustee as well as their regional community of language managers also helps a language become successful. Regional Managers hold regular community meetings to help Language Managers with ongoing issues and come up with ideas to improve processes and promote languages to users.

  • Process for language translation:
    Language translation takes two main forms
      The steps below are a guide with Czech (cs) as an example
      • Login to
      • Fill in your name and email address
      • Change your translation language to Czech from the drop-down list
      • Click the 'Save' button
      • Click the 'KWL to Czech’ link on the top right to show available translations in Czech
      • Translate the KWL twice for verification.
      • Select the correct ‘part of speech’ prefixed according to the KWL (e.g. nom, act, adj, pre, adv etc.)
      • Select the correct word/gender for “Nouns only”
      • Click the "I approve" button to add the translated words to KWL dictionary for Czech
      • Click the "Next" button to skip a KWL entry you don't know how to translate, or if it is already translated.
    • Google spreadsheet
      • Sign in to your kasahorow gmail account
      • Access the shared spreadsheet file (making sure it is in “editor” mode)
      • Translate the english word into the appropriate language eg. Czech (cs)
      • Type the correct ‘part of speech’ prefixed according to the KWL (e.g. nom, act, adj, pre, adv etc.)
      • Type the correct KWL noun class according to the gender type specific to different languages. [nom.1: feminine noun, nom.2:masculine noun, nom.3:neuter noun]
  • Process for Invoicing:
    For each cycle, you will need to send an email to your regional trustee to request payment.
    • Go to
    • Look for the royalties amount which is imported onto the metrics page for each language
    • Copy this amount and email it to the regional trustee
    • The trustee can then process your payment
  • Additional tasks that Language Managers can undertake to ensure the ongoing quality of their language dictionaries, include:
    • Regularly visiting language pages and reporting any typos and translation errors
    • Filing complaints, observations and recommendations on zendesk
    • Making corrections and editing dictionaries generated before they are published
    • Editing and approving sua emails before these are sent out
    • Engaging with subscribers on their social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn
    • Having regularly scheduled Trustee - Language Manager sessions to discuss engagement and book promotion tactics.
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