September 2021 Quarterly Report

kasahorow defines a number of measures to track progress monthly across the languages we work on. For each language, these include:

  1. How often the dictionary is used: more than 4000 dictionary entries looked up at least 4 times.
  2. Growing the dictionary: more than 1000 words are imported and labeled with the correct word class.
  3. Reaching new users through Sua emails: more than 10 Sua emails are sent to at least 50 readers.
  4. Addressing feedback: at least 1 piece of user quality feedback is addressed.
  5. Song reviews: At least 10 song reviews on the kasahorow site have at least 50 readers.
  6. Anokwale news: At least 10 news pieces on the kasahorow site have more than 50 readers.
  • The total performance on these measures for June 2021 was $6,173.65.
  • The total performance on these measures for September 2021 was $6.254.60.
  • This means that there was a 1.3% increase in performance over the quarter (from a 24.4% increase the previous quarter).

Performance of the kasahorow Measures by Region

Region Active Languages (increase from previous quarter) June 2021 September 2021 Change (%)
Africa 69 (+5) $4,984.75 $4,701.16 -5.7%
Europe 20 (+6) $675.58 $817.21 20.96%
Asia 18 (+10) $278.51 $518.86 86.3%

How Our Language Managers Feel

According to our latest survey, 78% of our current Language Managers believe the payment model is fair (down slightly from 81% in our last survey) and 77% think the current model will enable them to earn more (up from 67%).

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